• Mensurations

    Taille : 170 cm
    Poitrine -Taille - Hanches 88/64/97
    Pointure : 41
    Confection: 40 / 40/42


OCS Production(summer 2020)
‘L’Opera’ Season1 as double body for 2nd female role

Disney Channel Serie(2018-2019)
‘Find Me In Paris’ Season 2 as Dancer
‘Find Me In Paris’ Season 3 as Dancer and actress

Ballet Black (Since 2014 - until now)
Sophie Laplane ‘Click’
Martin Lawrence ‘Pendulum’ & ‘Captured’
Mthuthuzeli November ‘Ingoma’ & ‘Washa’
Michael Corder ‘House of Dreams’
Cathy Marston ‘The Suit’
Annabelle Lopez-Ochoa ‘Red Riding Hood’
Christopher Hampson ‘Storyville’
Arthur Pita ‘A dream Within the Midsummer Night Dream’
Christopher Marney ‘Dogs don’t do Ballet’
Will Tuckett ‘Depouillement’

Phoenix dance theatre (2015-2016)
Sharon Watson ’Tearfall’ & ‘Melt’
Darshan Singh Bhuller ‘Mapping’
Itzik Galili ‘Until Whithout Eough’
Kate Flatt ‘Undivided Love’


Alvin Ailey School (Scholarship Student)
Conservatoire National Supérieur De Danse et De Musique De Paris


Photography / Yoga / Videography