• Mensurations

    Taille : 189 cm
    Poitrine-Taille-Hanches : 95/72/83
    Pointure : 43


  • Lax studio (2020-2021) Jerky jessy, Delphine Lemaitre.
  • Make It Funky School (2004-2019):  Barbara Basso  - Andrea Sartore  - Byron Clairicia - Marco Cavalloro - Mattia Cresh Crescentini - Alessia Goldoni - Joseph Go N’guessan - Mamè Mamson Diarra - Jimmy Judat - Yugson - Frankwa Marna - Kapela Marna.
  • MRG Studio (2019): Lilgbb - Sonia Soupha - Missy NRC - Greg Cophy
  • Millenium Dance Complex (2019): Jae Blaze - Jeremiah Haynes Supaman. 
  • Movement Lifestyle (2018-2019): Laure Courtellemont - SuperDave - Brian Green- Tango Leadaz - Randi Rascal - Amari Marshall Monster - Devin Solomon.
  • Debbie Reynolds (2018): Zaggazo - Ray Basa - Kennis Marquis - JayC. 
  • Altri workshop(2010-2019): SponkyLove - Babson Baba Sy - Budda Stretch - Alexander Cyborg - Crazy hype - Fatou Tera  - Blacka Di danca.



 2020:  Dancer for Patrick Fiori videoclip “On se Love” ,
Dancer for Paris Select Show,
Assistant of Jerky Jessy .

2019 :  Dancer for “ F.A.C.E” , Venice
Performer for “ Next urban legend”, choreographed by Sonia Soupha, Paris (FR)
Performer for “Unknown Calgary”, opening show for TYGA , Calgary (CAN)



“Passion, action and dynamism always pushed me to go on dancing and studying this art.

My relation with fashion and photomodelling is something that belongs to my youth, an interest I always had and felt because I've always been involved and fascinated by style and good tastes including selfcare, building my personal identity and be comfortable with the stuff I wear. It’s something I keep doing in my real life because I like to show who and how I am and my personality, using it as a key to present myself to the world. This is reflected also by my social medias such as Instagram mainly.

I'm investing in my person 360° because I like to challenge myself and discover new parts of me because I think that's the only way for understanding what my goals are and setting new ones.

What I try to do is setting new targets to reach: once gained, I search for situations that give me the opportunity of growing both personally and professionally.

I’m easy to adapt to new contexts and environments, I have an high predisposition to team working, great communication abilities and high flexibility ( I am available to move ). 

I am used to long lastings and intense training sessions and rehearsals thanks to my high motivation, moved and inspired by my passion for dance.

I see myself as a man of principle, with a good and respectful behavior towards people.”